male bonding experience Thanks for looking and I hope you get chance to watch at least one of my massage videos.   Am a sensual masseur mostly, sometimes erotic and sometimes a simple  no hanky panky therapeutic practitioner.   When massaging men, I prefer to massage fully naked with hugs amounts of hot oil in a very creative, powerful wrestling, audacious and assertive way.  Lots of bear hugs,body 2 body gliding, butt-to-butt, back-to-back kind of way with I dare say, some groundbreaking  techniques of my own.   I am fully trained and experienced in  Thai traditional massage ( Thai yoga massage ) for which I have the deepest respect. Itís just amazing! I need to acknowledge and give credit to the wonderful traditions and skills of Thai masseurs and their teachers. Itís vital for the sake of not misleading as to what is and what is not Thai Traditional Massage that I disassociate the sensual / erotic elements of Lajos Massage from the learned and respectful Buddhist Thai traditional massage disciplines.    Lajos Combination Massage is a fusion of the ancient methods and my own sensual techniques. I reply upon the wisdom and teachings of Thai massage for your safety as well as your utmost relaxation and therapeutic benefits.  The sensual / erotic elements of Lajos Massage are not Ďlearnedí. Whilst they do work on the some of the principle Ďenergy linesí of Thai traditional massage, their origins come from within myself and from my understanding of a manís needs. I can't quite find the words to describe so itís better you watch my videos and decide for yourself.   Welcome to my site and perhaps take a few moment to learn about my associate masseurs. Each has his own style(s) and I warmly recommend them. Thanks again  Lajos March 2014
 Contact Lajos   +44 (0)7832 137 168 +44 20 7682 1755   Underground : Angel Northern line via Bank 2 mins walk  That’s just 1 tube stop or 12 mins walk from King Cross
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Lajos Massage My semi-conscious fantasy is to push the frontiers of man 2 man massage. There is so much more that can be achieved physically and spiritually than by conventional massage alone.
The Lajos Combination Massage videos usually focus on classical Thai traditional massage in the begining - then click into my own rather whacky sensual style soaked in hot oils. It's certainly fun, outrageous and gropey at times, creative, fluid, and damned sweaty others times.   It's probably the most memorable massage of your lifetime even if  am not your cup of tea personally lol ;) The feedback I find the most rewarding is that my massage is very ‘liberating’.   Massage should be a physical and spiritually healing experience, a time when you cast away the cares of the day and enjoy the moment. Once you’re in my domain, you  have a great opportunity switch off the world outside... to listen to your breathing, your heartbeat, your needs.. and give yourself a break.
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